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2016 Sustainability Report
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Feature: Energy Apprenticeships

Vermilion is playing a key role in an industry partnership in Australia that has created a standardized education and training program to increase the supply of safe, skilled workers. It's already making progress: the first Energy Apprenticeships Group Academy (EAGA) class started training February 2016 and will enter the workforce in 2020, employed at oil and gas facilities across Australia.

The EAGA program operates in addition to Vermilion's own apprenticeship program, but focuses on those leaving secondary (high) school. Approaching people at this early stage in their work life provides an opportunity to raise awareness of the potential benefits of work in the industry, particularly among young women.

The partnership is focused on addressing future workforce requirements through collaboration to achieve cost-effective and sustainable results. This includes Vermilion and other industry leaders from Shell, Woodside, and Quadrant, along with Energy Apprenticeships Group and the Challenger Institute of Technology's Australian Centre for Energy and Process Training.

Together with the Resources Industry Training Council, they formed a steering committee to provide guidance and direction for the project. Graduates of the four-year course will have:

Candidates take part in ongoing assessment and reporting to measure their progression and ensure they are meeting milestones on their training plan, with oversight from the industry-driven steering committee. EAGA adopts best practice methods for the recruitment and support of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, which includes a full-time advisor offering pastoral care and collaboration with indigenous communities. Where applicable, the EAGA model can be adapted for indigenous-only pathways. 

2020 Update: Two Process Operator Trainees began their first swing on Wandoo in October 2017 as part of the Energy Apprenticeship Group partnership. The trainees spent 2 years at the ACEPT training facility completing the Certificate III in Process Plant Operations and various site visits.

At Wandoo, they are working within the operations team to gain experience in the process on the platform as well as Vermilion’s culture. In February 2020 they completed their apprenticeship, and continued both individuals are still working with Vermilion. 

With this programs now run through the Programmed Skilled Workforce, we expect to resume offering apprenticeship trainee places as the pandemic situation allows.

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