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2016 Sustainability Report
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Feature: Energy Apprenticeships

Vermilion is playing a key role in an industry partnership in Australia that has created a standardized education and training program to build a skilled, diverse and capable workforce for the future of the oil and gas industry. It's already making progress: the first Energy Apprenticeships Group Academy (EAGA) class started training February 2016 and entered the workforce in 2020, employed at oil and gas facilities across Australia.

Now run by Programmed Training Services, the program offers the National Energy Technician Training Scheme (NETTS) for those leaving secondary (high) school, and a second pathway for adults who already have a trade but are seeking a career change to become dual-traded. These programs operate in addition to Vermilion's own apprenticeship program and are focused on addressing future workforce requirements through collaboration to achieve cost-effective and sustainable results. The initiative was established as a partnership that included Vermilion and other industry leaders from Shell, Woodside and Quadrant, along with Energy Apprenticeships Group, the Challenger Institute of Technology's Australian Centre for Energy and Process Training and the Resources Industry Training Council, and focuses on raising awareness of the potential benefits of work in the industry, particularly among young women and Indigenous Australians.

Graduates of the NETTS four-year course have:

Candidates take part in ongoing assessment and reporting to measure their progression and ensure they are meeting milestones on their training plan, with oversight from the industry-driven steering committee. This includes best practice methods for the recruitment and support of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, which includes a vocational care through all stages of employment

2021 Update: Two Process Operator Trainees began their first swing on Wandoo in October 2017 as part of this initiative. Both remain with us: one on contract as a Production Specialist, and the other now enrolled as an Instrumentation/Electrical (dual-traded) Trainee. In 2020, we also signed up one other trainee from the Programmed initiative.

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