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Values Matter
Sustainability Report
Values Matter
2016 Sustainability Report
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A Great Place to Work


Vermilion continues to demonstrate excellent results in the Great Place to Work Institute’s® Best Workplaces competition, which we use as a tool for continuous improvement in our culture and people practices.

For an eighth consecutive year, we have made the Best Workplaces List in both Canada and France. We also made the Best Workplaces List in The Netherlands for a fourth consecutive year.

The rankings are based on the Institute’s two-fold approach, which includes an independent assessment of our culture along with our employees' confidential responses to the Institute’s survey.

Our rankings – and staff participation rates – have remained strong since we began our involvement with the Institute. In 2017, our global participation for employees was 90%.

In part, we attribute our strong results to the importance we place on reviewing and addressing the staff feedback shared through each business unit’s annual survey. We believe this is so important that we ask staff in all business units to participate in the survey, regardless of whether their staff count meets the minimum requirement to compete for Best Workplace recognition. This is the case in Australia and the United States, where our staff count is below the qualifying threshold.

Through the survey results, we gain a strong understanding of why our people choose to come to Vermilion, what they value and why they choose to stay. Competitive total compensation, exciting opportunities for growth and development, and pride in how we give back to the communities where our people live and work continue to be reasons why our voluntary turnover rate is among the lowest in our industry.

Here are just a handful of unabridged comments from staff on what makes our company a great place to work:

When my child was hospitalized, management told me to take the time I need and we can work out the time off later. My manager did not want me to worry about work and wanted me to go be with my child because he needed me and this was more important.

Our team operates like a small junior company within a larger corporation, making decisions on the fly and executing on ideas with support of the upper management. This style of managing the asset is very empowering to the team, and makes it feel like we can make a difference in the assets that we have to work on. 

I have been at this organization for less than 2 years and the feeling I get is that I have now have an extended family with people that care. It’s a great feeling to know that corporations like Vermilion do actually care about employees.

Values Matter
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