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Sustainability Report
Values Matter
2016 Sustainability Report
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Approach to Methane Emissions Reduction

As one of the highest-impact greenhouse gases, methane is an important element in Vermilion’s focus on climate-related risks and opportunities, particularly in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions from natural gas production. The economic viability of methane leakage prevention is important, with two factors influencing continuing developments: significant advancements in technology – fostered by government commitments surrounding climate change – and the cost of carbon. Combined, these will act to reduce the financial expenditure associated with methane leak detection and the updating of older infrastructure that is prone to sources of methane.

We are actively pursuing options to reduce our methane emissions, supported by commitments from many of our operating regions. Alberta, for example was the first regional government in North America to commit to a methane emissions reduction target for the oil and gas sector – 45% by 2025 – and France has signed on to the World Bank’s Zero Routine Flaring by 2030 Initiative.  

Understanding that this is a developing area, we have teams in each business unit that monitor regulatory development and share learnings with other business unit teams and corporate groups. We continue to assess our operations to determine areas where we can prevent methane releases and have a positive impact on our Scope 1 emission reduction target. This also supports our participation in both voluntary and regulatory-driven methane reduction programs.


Similar to any upstream oil and gas operation, the majority of methane emissions from Vermilion’s operations stem from venting, flaring (which typically achieves 98% combustion efficiency), storage and process/instrumentation.

Vermilion has emissions quantification programs in all operated business units. We also have fugitive emission programs in place that are managed through our operations groups in each business unit, with the exception of our offshore platform in our Australia operation (an oil asset with no natural gas production infrastructure). Our Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) program varies between business units:  

For details on our emission reduction projects, click here

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