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Values Matter
Sustainability Report
Values Matter
2016 Sustainability Report
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Validation & Review

Our materiality analysis was reviewed by a GRI-trained professional internal to Vermilion, who also holds the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board FSA Credential. The analysis has also been reviewed and validated by Vermilion’s senior management team.

We use engagement with sustainability and socially responsible investment analysts on an ongoing basis to support our alignment with ESG frameworks and rating agency recommendations, best practices, and our focus on continuous improvement. This includes such critical issues as governance, climate change, science-based target setting, and environmental metrics reporting.

Portions of the data contained in this report were independently audited or verified by the following organizations: GLJ Petroleum Consultants and Deloitte (as noted in our GRI Content Index document). In addition, the environmental metrics included from our CDP submission are externally verified under ISO 14064-3. 102-56

Values Matter
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