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Values Matter
2016 Sustainability Report
Values Matter
2016 Sustainability Report
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Stakeholder Engagement

Our people, partners, suppliers, investors and members of the communities in which we operate continue to be regarded as Vermilion’s key stakeholders: those whom we believe to have the greatest impact on our business, or whom are most impacted by our activities.

We continue to base stakeholder identification and prioritization on our understanding and analysis of our value chain. G4-25 The degree to which we engage with our stakeholders continues to be dependent upon the area of impact or influence of the stakeholder group.

We believe that a failure in our economic, environmental and/or social performance could have negative and long-lasting effects on our key stakeholders.

In turn, these groups influence our business and operations in several ways, including through the provision of capital to fund our activities as well as the setting of expectations regarding safety and environmental performance. Meeting these expectations is the key to maintaining our social license to operate and to increasing our productivity, and we therefore engage with these stakeholders on a regular and ongoing basis.

For those stakeholders with lesser degrees of impact or influence, our engagement is more specific and generally involves direct engagement on specific issues.

The following table details how we engage with our stakeholders, topics raised, and how we have responded. G4-24 G4-26 G4-27

Current & potential investors
Engagement ChannelsTopics RelatedResponse
  • Annual General Meeting and webcast, distribution of financial statements & proxy statement
  • Annual benchmarking against peers through Board Games
  • Business updates, analyst conference calls
  • Ongoing presentations to investor and industry conferences, with webcasts on external Vermilion website and intranet
  • Ongoing monitoring of and response to investor relations e-mail and phone inquiries
  • Ongoing monitoring of and response to social media including LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Media monitoring/ media appearances
  • News releases
  • Responses to sustainability-related queries from, and engagement with, socially responsible investment agencies and shareholders who are signatories to the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment 
  • Financial results
  • Increasing emphasis on transparency and sustainability reporting
  • Ongoing communication of material issues and results
  • Confidential industry benchmarking project for CDP reporting
  • Third submission to CDP and third sustainability report
  • Response to requests for interviews and other input
  • Reviews of evaluations by socially responsible rating agencies, including corrections and responses
Engagement ChannelsTopics RelatedResponse
  • Annual Great Place to Work® program staff survey, communication of results to staff through e-mails and meetings, ongoing engagement of staff in feedback and improvement action planning meetings from department to team levels
  • Quarterly staff updates (town halls)
  • Staff interactive sessions held in Canada, France, The Netherlands
  • New employee breakfasts and lunches, scheduled as needed
  • Vermilion 101 – Introduction to Oil & Gas for new staff, scheduled as needed
  • Whistleblower policy, 24/7 (referred to internally as “Reporting of Inappropriate Activity”)
  • Strategic direction of the company
  • Employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Communication (internal and external) of community investment program
  • Clear communication and implementation of HSE program
  • Executive response to all town hall suggestions and questions
  • Implemented suggestions from staff working groups
  • Implementation of Fair Culture Policy in all business units
Partners & Suppliers
Engagement ChannelsTopics RelatedResponse
  • Meetings, etc. to review requirements and negotiate contracts, as needed
  • Daily operations, including inspections and field audits
  • Meetings, phone calls, e-mails as issues or concerns arise
  • HSE performance
  • Production and financial results
  • Focus on operational excellence
Engagement ChannelsTopics RelatedResponse
  • Meetings, phone calls, e-mails with landowners, as needed
  • Contract negotiation with landowners, as needed
  • Ongoing partnerships with key social agencies
  • Meetings, e-mail, phone calls with other local social agencies & councils, ongoing
  • Customized community investment program for each location, ongoing
  • Communication of community investment via external website & LinkedIn, ongoing
  • Engagement with First Nations and/or Métis communities near our operations as appropriate, including provision for consultation and community investment OG-9, DMA Social
  • Community support and capacity building
  • Progressing community investment program in all locations based on community and staff engagement (see Our Communities in this report)
  • Discussions with local communities regarding impacts and potential partnerships
Engagement ChannelsTopics RelatedResponse
  • Regulatory requirements in all of our locations
  • Meetings, phone calls, conferences with government officials, ongoing
  • Compliance
  • Compliance with or exceeding all regulatory requirements
  • Audits and inspections to confirm compliance
NGOs: industry, environment, social
Engagement ChannelsTopics RelatedResponse
  • Ongoing participation in industry meetings and conferences
  • High-level review of NGO positions and topics
  • Meetings with NGO personnel
  • Increasing transparency and communication of sustainability performance
  • Environmental concerns and performance based on location, including fracing
  • Published annual CDP submission and sustainability report
  • Focus on operational excellence, including compliance with or exceeding all regulations
Values Matter
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