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Values Matter
Sustainability Report
Values Matter
2016 Sustainability Report
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Identifying Issues

To identify and review the topics relevant to our sustainability strategy and its integration within the business, we begin by reviewing the issues we identified in previous years and those that we have added since based on stakeholder engagement and recommendations, including: 102-15,102-46

We then analyze issues that Vermilion identifies as important to the company, using such sources as annual reports, risk matrices, employee surveys, climate scenario analysis, and internal policies and procedures. By further examining our value chain, including our stakeholder engagement results such as community feedback, we add issues that are important to the people and locations upon which our operations have an impact.

Once we have reviewed these issues, we provide key internal stakeholders, including the Board, Executive Committee and senior management team in all business units, with opportunities to provide their feedback on these original topics as well as any new topics for consideration in this report. 102-46 102-47 103-1,

We also reflect on the disclosure requirements and EESG topics contained within other sustainability reporting frameworks, as well as the sustainability reports and disclosure activities by our peers. Finally, we review and reflect on the feedback that we have received from ESG and other sustainability-related organizations, and incorporate this feedback to strengthen our disclosure and performance on the sustainability topics that matter most to Vermilion and our key stakeholders.

Values Matter
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