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Values Matter
Sustainability Report
Values Matter
2016 Sustainability Report
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Abbreviations & Terms

In this report, we refer to Vermilion Energy Inc. as "Vermilion", the "company", "we" or "our".

ABU Australia Business Unit
bbl(s) barrel(s)
bbls/d barrels per day
boe barrel of oil equivalent, including: crude oil, natural gas liquids and natural gas (converted on the basis of one boe for six mcf of natural gas)


barrel of oil equivalent per day
CBU Canada Business Unit
CEE BU Central and Eastern Europe Business Unit
CDP Carbon Disclosure Project
CO2e carbon dioxide equivalents
EESG Economic, Environmental, Social and Governance Impacts
FBU France Business Unit

German Business Unit

GHG Greenhouse gas
GJ Gigajoules
GRI Global Reporting Initiative
HSE Health, Safety, Environment
$M thousand dollars
$MM million dollars
mbbls thousand barrels
mboe thousand barrel of oil equivalent
mmboe million barrel of oil equivalent
MWh megawatt hour
NBU Netherlands Business Unit
NGLs natural gas liquids
PPE Personal Protective Equipment
USBU United States Business Unit
Values Matter
Vermilion Energy