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2016 Sustainability Report
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Feature: Safety Case Revision in Australia

Like all facilities operating in Australian federal waters, Vermilion’s Wandoo Facilities are required to have a Safety Case and Environment Plan that are assessed and accepted by the Regulator, NOPSEMA. The Safety Case and Environment Plan are objective- and evidence-based assessments requiring the Regulator to be satisfied that:

The Safety Case and Environment Plan require review and resubmission at a minimum frequency of five years.

The Safety Case is focused on the prevention of major accident events. Vermilion is required to identify, assess and manage major accident events through a series of formal safety assessments, including flammable hazards analysis, explosion risk assessment, and Escape, Temporary Refuge, Evacuation and Recovery Analysis. Throughout 2015 and 2016, Vermilion undertook a review and update of the full suite of the Wandoo Formal Safety Assessments, the outcomes of which were accepted by the Regulator in the 2017 submission.

The Environment Plan addresses the environmental impact from operations, well construction and oil spill response. We undertook a comprehensive environmental risk and impact assessment for all our activities within the Wandoo Field, and submitted our new Plan in 2016. In addition, we maintain a comprehensive spill response plan, which is aligned to our spill hazards and operating environment, and we review and test its capability requirements annually. NOPSEMA accepted our Operations and Well Construction Environment Plans in 2017 and 2014 respectively.

Both the Safety Case and Environment Plan require engagement with relevant stakeholders. The Safety Case process regularly engages the workforce throughout the assessment processes. The Environment Plan requires consultation with stakeholders that may be directly impacted from our day to day activities. As part of our commitment to stakeholders, Vermilion provides a summary of the environment plan, including contact information, on our website.

The Regulator conducts regular inspections to confirm compliance.


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