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Sustainability Report
Values Matter
2016 Sustainability Report
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Our Approach to Safety

At Vermilion, we are committed to our vision of HSE. Everywhere. Everyday. Everyone. We are focused on ensuring everyone who comes to our locations returns home safely every day. 

In addition to our overall HSE approach, we have established management tools and processes that are specific to the protection of the health and safety of our workers and our communities.


We understand and accept the high expectations placed on us by our stakeholders to ensure Vermilion recognizes, considers and mitigates potential safety impacts on the residents in the communities in which we operate. Ensuring public safety has been, and will continue to be, our number one priority. This is our license to operate.


Vermilion’s organization and response to emergencies follows the globally accepted Incident Command System (ICS). The ICS design structure is applicable to all kinds of emergencies and is suitable for both small and day-to-day situations as well as very large and complex incidents. It is applied consistently with local emergency responders and across each operating area, and provides a common organization structure to aid the management of resources at emergency incidents. Exercises are organized throughout the year to train our people and test the effectiveness of our emergency response plan (ERP) under various scenarios. We also evaluate the effectiveness of every exercise and ERP that is conducted.

ERP exercises include table top exercises, simulations, and combined exercises with Corporate Headquarters:

Level 1 ERPLevel 2 ERPLevel 3 ERPLevel 4 ERP

Table top exercise – Includes discussion of various emergency scenarios, cross training of ICS roles and responsibilities.

In-Country Operations-only Simulation – Includes the mobilization of business unit staff, first level of scenario role playing.

Simulation includes Vermilion’s Corporate Command Team Activation. Corporate Command owns corrective action logs and improvement schedule. Role playing of all Vermilion personnel involved.

Simulation includes Vermilion’s Corporate Command Team Activation and external parties (other industry, emergency responders, government authorities, other external stakeholders).


We have worked extensively with our international operations to analyze a comprehensive data set and identify our Top Fatal Risks. Together, we selected risks that were common across our operations for a more detailed review, assessed related hazards, and developed comprehensive plans specific to each business unit to eliminate or prevent those hazards from occurring, or identify the barriers and controls required to help prevent an event from happening. We have implemented changes to our systems to help ensure the organization is focused on preventing these critical risks.

We identified our top fatal risks at Vermilion as:

We build on our people's experience, demonstrating the effective collaboration of our operations and management groups. Hazard identification and risk management programs have been put in place that align with the efforts we've directed towards competence and training programs in our operations. In addition, Vermilion maintains leading HSE KPIs, which our staff can access on our corporate intranet, to follow Vermilion's progress on hazard awareness and risk as part of our corporate scorecard. The leading KPIs are monitored as an indicator of the health of Vermilion’s integrated HSE MS.

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