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Sustainability Report
Values Matter
2016 Sustainability Report
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Feature: Wandoo Life Extension

Given the significant capital expense and potential environmental impact involved in new offshore platform development, it makes sense to operate and maintain existing infrastructure safely and responsibly for as long as possible. Vermilion’s expertise in this area is aiding our Wandoo Life Extension project, which is in process to verify that the design and physical integrity of the Wandoo field facilities in our Australia operations are suitable for production beyond the original design life. This will ensure that we remain compliant with local legislation and regulations, and continue to operate safely.

The original design life for the Wandoo A (WNA) unstaffed platform facility was 15 years from installation (October 1993). The WNA design life has twice been validated and extended for 5 years each, in 2008 and 2013. The structure is currently undergoing design verification to extend the design life again by 5 years to October 2023.

The original design life for the Wandoo B (WNB) staffed facility and export system was 20 years from the time of installation (March 1997). The WNB platform structure, all Wandoo topside facilities and the export system are currently undergoing design verification to extend their design lives for most systems by 20 years to March 2037. Some subsystems, such as the subsea flowlines, have been verified for a 10 year period and will be reassessed when that period finishes.

Life Extension Process Overview

Project Progress

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