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Values Matter
2016 Sustainability Report
Values Matter
2016 Sustainability Report
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Our HSE Framework

Three management systems form the integrated framework of our HSE culture at Vermilion.


Our HSE Management System (HSE MS), Asset Integrity Management System (AIMS) and Process Safety Management System (PSMS) provide the formal structure that helps us foster a workplace culture at Vermilion where HSE is always a priority:

HSE Management System

HSE MS provides the structure for the delivery of our HSE policy and commitments. By following the action steps of Plan, Implement, Check & Correct – which provide a process for continual improvement – we are able to eliminate, manage or reduce health, safety and environment hazards and risk aspects associated with our company’s global operations. It also describes areas of corporate ownership and responsibility for the HSE Policy and the 12 elements that form the basis of the HSE MS. The objective of the HSE MS, together with the efforts of the leadership team and regional HSE resources, is to maximize consistency across the organization in the development and implementation of the HSE MS element.

Asset Integrity Management System

AIMS serves as the framework of processes and procedures in place to help us execute safe and reliable operation of our assets. AIMS helps us to understand when work on an asset needs to be performed, how much it will cost to perform that work, and where to start. However, perhaps even more importantly, it helps us understand the impact and cost if no action is taken. Adherence to quality standards and practices, effective testing and inspection of equipment, quality of spare parts and repairs, and correct control of operating parameters are all activities within the scope of AIMS. We believe a successful AIMS helps us improve operational safety, reduce spill volumes and frequency, increase overall reliability and life expectancy of assets through cost effective measures, assure proper management of high risk assets, implement best practices in managing our assets, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Process Safety Management System

PSMS serves as the “backbone” of how we manage process safety. Process safety is a blend of engineering and management skills focused on preventing high impact, low probability events and near misses, such as fires, explosions, well blowouts and damaging releases associated with the loss of containment of energy or dangerous substances, including chemicals and petroleum products. Our PSMS is comprised of 14 interactive elements that identify key responsibilities and requirements, and is based on a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. Our PSMS helps us identify hazards, manage risk, eliminate or mitigate potential environmental impacts, operate safely and reliably, develop and share best practices, drive operational discipline, and support continuous improvement.

We use a corporate Event Management Information System (EMIS) called iTrack to collect information from each of our operations about potential health, safety and environmental hazards and the actions taken to resolve them. G4-LA6c Our information tracking includes all health, safety, environmental, regulatory and public complaint incidents or near misses, their root causes, actions taken, and preventive measures to avoid such incidents in the future. Because of the potential risk to our people, the public and the environment, our President and CEO, COO, EVPs and other key leadership team members are immediately informed of all high potential near misses, recordable injury events and serious incidents entered into our EMIS. This reflects the critical importance of HSE at Vermilion. All lost time incidents and serious events are also reported to all staff throughout the company, with a focus on key learnings and prevention.

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