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Values Matter
Sustainability Report
Values Matter
2016 Sustainability Report
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In 2020, we met 92% of our corporate leading HSE Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), with COVID-19 restrictions requiring an adjusted approach to conducting onsite inspections and observations. Our 2020 HSE accomplishments are an indicator of our progress towards realizing our HSE vision. These include:


HSE Culture
  • Developed a refreshed vision and long-term 2030 strategy for HSE
  • Guided more than 5,800 hours of HSE-related training in 2020, focused due to COVID-19 on higher priority safety courses and on required certification
  • Worked with the Board's HSE Committee to review and revise the HSE Scorecard for 2021, to ensure continuous improvement with a clear and transparent methodology for target setting.
Communications & Knowledge Management
  • Focused on monitoring and communicating COVID-related information across the organization, following the medical community's recommendations to ensure the personal wellbeing of staff globally.
  • Initiated a corporate ERP for COVID-19 in February, with communication between business units via a specialized ERP page to communicate best practice.
Management Systems
  • Developed and implemented the Contractor Management Standard and Guidance document.
  • Reviewed Asset Integrity Management System requirements in preparation for integration into the new Process Safety Management System (2021 deliverable)
  • Developed competency around recently completed Standards updates, including operational risk management, marine operations, and environmental management.
  • Adapted Vermilion's Pandemic and Infectious Disease Plan to manage COVID-19, with special attention given to mental health and office ergonomics to support people away from their usual work environment.
Environmental and Operational Stewardship
  • Achieved CDP Climate Leader “A” List in 2016 and “A-“ rating from 2017-2020.
  • Completed our first CDP Water submission in 2020, with a score of B, ranking us in the top 15% of global oil and gas companies.
  • In 2019, we worked with CDP on a case study based on our operations that examined how an oil and gas company manages the low-carbon transition. This study highlights our success at linking geothermal energy with traditional oil and gas production, demonstrating the potential synergies between them, along with our track record of decreasing the energy and emissions intensities in our operations, particularly with respect to acquisitions. The case study can be found on the CDP website here.
Values Matter
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