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Values Matter
Sustainability Report
Values Matter
2016 Sustainability Report
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In 2019, we were very pleased to work with CDP on a case study based on our operations that examined how an oil and gas company manages the low-carbon transition. This study highlights our success at linking geothermal energy with traditional oil and gas production, demonstrating the potential synergies between them, along with our track record of decreasing the energy and emissions intensities in our operations, particularly with respect to acquisitions. The case study can be found on the CDP website here.

In 2019, we met all of our corporate leading HSE Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and our individual business units met >96% of our leading HSE KPIs. Our 2019-2020 HSE accomplishments are an indicator of our progress towards realizing our HSE vision. These include:


HSE Culture
  • Conducted our third global HSE Perception Survey in 2019; overall participation rate of 93%
  • Guided more than 8,200 hours of HSE-related training in 2019
  • Continued comprehensive HSE integration plan for Vermilion’s new and emerging operations (includes Central and Eastern Europe, Germany, United States, Ireland and Canada expansion)
Communications & Knowledge Management
  • Expanded our company-wide HSE leadership training program to improve hazard identification and risk reduction 
  • Implemented a new Environmental and Event Management Information system
  • Continued reinforcement of our “High 5” Individual Responsibility Awareness Initiative globally
Management Systems
  • Completed a comprehensive assessment of our Event Management Information System to prepare for an upgrade in 2020
  • Ongoing status review and update of HSE Management System structure and content
  • Completed numerous corporate standard/practice updates related to operational risk management, contractor management, marine transportation, and environmental management;
  • As part of pandemic response plan, further developed mental health and well-being support programs
Environmental and Operational Stewardship
  • Achieved CDP Climate Leader “A” List in 2016 and “A-“ rating in 20172018 and 2019; we are one of two Canadian Energy Sector companiesand one of only four in North America, to achieve Leadership Level score in 2019 (Top 6%) 
  • Initiated data gathering and quantification to meet the CDP Water reporting requirements for the 2019 data set, and completed our first CDP Water submission in 2020 
  • Expanded our Emergency Response Plan capabilities to align with our Central and Eastern European drilling and completions activity
Values Matter
Vermilion Energy