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Values Matter
Sustainability Report
Values Matter
2016 Sustainability Report
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In 2017, we met all of our corporate leading HSE Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and our individual business units met or exceeded all of our leading HSE KPIs. Our 2016-2017 HSE accomplishments are an indicator of our progress towards realizing our HSE vision. These include:


HSE Culture
  • Conducted our second global HSE Perception Survey; overall participation rate of 95%, with all 10 safety factors returning favorable (above 3.5/5) results; working to develop corporate and business unit improvement plan
  • Guided 5,665 hours of HSE-related training
  • Completed HSE leadership training for Canada corporate functional leaders, front-line supervisor, rig, construction and operators, and management teams in The Netherlands, Germany, Central and Eastern Europe, and US
Communications & Knowledge Management
  • Ongoing development and implementation of Operator Competency Program in Canada and France
  • Review and update of OCP in The Netherlands
  • Development and implementation of online training modules in Australia
Technical Safety Management
  • Implemented Process Hazard Analysis Standard
  • Initiated update to Corporate Risk Management Manual
  • Completed Process Safety Management System draft
  • Updated Asset Integrity manuals
Incident Prevention
  • Developed Individual Responsibility Awareness Initiative
  • Enhanced emergency response, including global callout system implementation and online ERP manual
Operational Stewardship & Sustainability
  • Achieved CDP Climate Leader “A” List in 2016 and “A-“ rating in 2017; we are the only Canadian Energy Sector company, and one of only two in North America, to achieve a Leadership Level score in 2017 (Top 3%)
  • Launched new carbon liability analysis to enhance emission management processes
Values Matter
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