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Values Matter
2016 Sustainability Report
Values Matter
2016 Sustainability Report
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Energy Efficiency

We believe that energy efficiency and operational efficiency go hand-in-hand, which in turn helps us to minimize our carbon footprint. G4-EC2

Emissions Reduction Drivers

There are a number of things that drive our emissions reduction activities, including compliance with regulatory requirements and standards, employee engagement, and financial optimization calculations. G4-EN19

Compliance with regulatory requirements & standards

Energy efficiency is driven by year-over-year expectations defined by the regulators in the countries in which we operate.


Employee Engagement

Emissions reductions are driven by suggestions and input gleaned from staff via our staff update meetings, as well as via our regular HSE district meetings and town halls. Staff feedback is taken into account by the groups responsible for management of emissions quantification and sustainability initiatives.


Financial optimization calculations

Emissions reductions are driven by the optimization activities we undertake in our business units. These impacts are identified at the project assessment stage and add value to projects. Value add and responsible, sustainable development of the resources in our operating regions are primary drivers for investment. The activities are typically identified by the in-country technical teams.



Projects that have multiple benefits, including a reduction in emission intensity of our operations, factor into Vermilion's investment selection process. Many initiatives that support Vermilion's operational excellence and stewardship also have the effect of reducing emissions associated with our activities through the reduction of fuel or energy. These benefits are identified during the investigation phase of a project assessment. All projects completed must pass Vermilion’s economic assessment criteria at the investigation phase of the project. 


Here are just some of the recent ways we have reduced our environmental impact by being more energy efficient: G4-EN6



At the request of our staff, we created an IT tool to link our business travelers together so that staff travelling to the same city can travel together, thereby reducing cost and the number of vehicles on the road.  Also at the request of our FBU staff, we created a tool to help promote carpooling for the daily commute. 

We continued our trial of two electric vehicles by our operators in the Aquitaine and Paris basins. So far, the results have been very positive in terms of CO2 with the vehicles generating zero emissions. The challenges we are facing with these vehicles include battery duration and the time required to recharge the battery, but we are looking at ways to address these challenges given that each car can help us reduce our carbon footprint by approximately 3.64 tonnes of CO2e annually, based on an average mileage of approximately 17,255 km.

GPS and/or vehicle monitoring devices are installed in company-owned vehicles in multiple business units. These devices, which help driving performance, have resulted in reductions in fuel consumption.

Our operators make daily operations visits to the 28 platforms installed on the lake in Parentis. We purchased a new boat that will help us to reduce our fuel consumption by approximately 10,000 litres per year.

The Netherlands


Three quarters of our staff in Perth walk, cycle or take public transport to work!

Walk or Cycle


Public Transport


Personal Vehicle


Improvements to helicopter flight booking and scheduling in 2014 were implemented to reduce the number of helicopter flights to and from Wandoo facilities and improve seat utilization rates.

We commenced work on gas lift compressor realignment in 2014 to improve throughput by 7%, with an expected increase in fuel consumption of 4%, therefore improving the overall production rate per unit of energy consumed. This project was completed in May 2015.

At our Perth Office, we opened access to the stairwell to enable staff to use the stairs instead of the lift to transfer between floors. We also improved shower and locker room facilities within the office to encourage more staff to ride to work. Our current office location is close to a major train and bus station, as well as bike paths. As part of our scoping of new office locations, we have made a conscious decision to look for properties within the same area to enable staff to continue to use public transport.

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